Universal furniture legs adaptor plate

Will Legheads furniture legs fit my sofa or bed if its not Ikea furniture? YES!

legheads-furniture-leg-attachment-plates-2If your sofa, couch or bed does not use the Ikea 8MM M8 hangar bolt, you can use the Legheads furniture legs adapter plate. You can purchase the adapter plate separately.

To help everyone use Legheads and to save you time, money and frustration, we provide a universal adapter plate and fitting screws. A universal adapter plate will allow you to add Legheads furniture legs to almost any piece of furniture.

You simply screw the plate onto the underside of the furniture where the original leg was, add a new 8mm hole if required and screw the legs straight in. It’s easy. The Universal adaptor plate is available for $14.95.

Make tired furniture new again at a fraction of the price of replacing it. Whether new or old, IKEA, Ashley, Wayfair, Bloomingdales or Bob’s, Metric or Imperial, Legheads BONUS universal plate allows you to add our legs to any piece of furniture.

Watch some of our Ikea hack videos to see how simple it is to add Legheads furniture legs to any piece of furniture.

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2 Replies on Universal furniture leg adaptor plate

  • Fran Hall says:

    I want to buy your “Legheads M8 IKEA Furniture Leg Attachment Plates” but they are not available on Amazon and apparently that’s the only place they are sold. When will they be back in stock on Amazon? Is there any other way to purchase them???

    • TJ says:

      Hi Fran,

      Thanks for the comment. We are re-stocking although have had some delays. You can buy the attachment plates online or on Amazon, from a few other vendors. Please Search “m8 t-plates” or “M8 furniture leg attachment plates”. The only requirement is that the thread is 8mm or “M8” NOT the 5/16″. If you have any trouble, you can email me directly and I can give you a link. [email protected].

      All the best


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