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This Week At Legheads: Our Adapter Plates

This Week At Legheads: Our Adapter Plates

15 November 2018


This week at Legheads: Our Adapter Plates

Our Legheads Adapter Plates are the perfect DIY tool. If you have furniture without the M8/8mm thread, such as non-IKEA furniture, or items that don’t yet have furniture legs, our Adapter Plates are solid, stylish and easy to use.

Check out our how-to video for tips on using Adapter Plates and Legheads at https://bit.ly/2PxM9n9
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(Image by @melwsyd)

2 Replies on This Week At Legheads: Our Adapter Plates

  • Jody Pfister says:

    Hello! I need six M8 adapter heads for a project I need to complete. Can you help? I can’t find them anywhere!

    • TJ says:

      Hi Jody,

      If you search “m8 t-plates” on Amazon in your region, you will find quite a few vendors selling them. You just need to make sure it is an M8 or 8mm thread and NOT the 5/16″.

      All the best


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