This Week at Legheads… 02Jul2018: European Summer

02 July 2018


This week at Legheads…

…It’s all about Summer in Europe. The biggest difference about summer in Australia and summer in Europe is the light. The twilight, particularly in northern Europe, lasts well into the late evening and the colours are spectacular.  In those parts north of the Arctic Circle it is light all night! Our Legheads range from Placid Blue and Hemlock Green, through to Freesia Yellow and Cayenne Red, reflecting the gorgeous relaxing sunsets in the outdoors.


You too can enjoy the feeling of those idyllic Northern summer evenings with Legheads. Change over your standard, dull sofa or bed legs to our beautiful, colourful Legheads and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a meadow of flowers watching the last warm rays dip below the horizon.

Enjoy your European summer light with Legheads!

(Photos: The Cotswolds, UK @gindaley; Sweden @bobergsamuel; London, UK @rickylondonr.)

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