LEGHEADS IKEA Meubelpoten, Meubelverhogers, Bank, Bedverhogers, Hacks, Modern – M8 (Netherlands – NL)


✓ SUPERIOR QUALITY easy screw in install, lightweight and strong furniture risers, bed risers or sofa risers

✓ SET OF 4 MODERN replacement IKEA furniture legs, replacement sofa legs or furniture risers – Height: 15cm – Top Diameter: 5cm – Bottom Diameter: 3cm – M8 thread

✓ PERFECT FOR IKEA FURNITURE LEGS, IKEA beds and IKEA hacks OR European, Australian or Canadian furniture like Natuzzi using the M8, 8mm hangar bolt

✓ BONUS Felt floor protector, furniture pads, furniture feet included

✓ SPECIFICATIONS Acrylic Thermoplastic (ABS), Height: 15cm, Top Diameter: 5cm, Bottom Diameter: 3cm, M8 / 8mm Hanger bolt thread


Watch the Youtube video - IKEA Hack - Kallax Series - with Legheads Furniture legs and Furniture risers

SUPERIOR QUALITY replacement IKEA furniture legs, couch legs sofa legs or bed risers make your couch, sofa or bed look new again!

Swap in some fun, modern furniture legs & furniture risers from Legheads. Replace tired couch legs or freshen up the bed legs and bedroom with some bright spring colours. Colour co-ordinate your room or customise your IKEA furniture sofa legs or IKEA bed with some IKEA legs hacks.

✓ Fresh colours, classic design, affordable tapered furniture legs
✓ Highest quality, easy to install screw in 6” height, lightweight and super strong, rated at over 200kg per leg
✓ Protect your floors with built in felt furniture pads and furniture feet
✓ Excellent as sofa risers or bed risers
✓ Perfect for IKEA hackers and IKEA hacks DIY, DIY furniture or other European made furniture
✓ Make old furniture new again

PLEASE NOTE – The mounting bolt that screws into the sofa, on this model is the M8 or 8mm and compatible with IKEA, Natuzzi or any other furniture with the M8 / 8mm hanger bolt. If your furniture does not have the M8 fitting, simply use the T-plate sofa and furniture leg attachment plates that can be purchased separately. Check our website for more details and video tutorials.

What you get with every Legheads order:

✓ 4 modern & colourful replacement furniture legs
✓ Highest quality, easy to install, screw in 6” / 15cm height, lightweight and strong
✓ Compatible with the IKEA furniture M8 / 8mm sofa legs OR European made furniture
✓ BONUS – Unique built in furniture pads


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