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Legheads fit most IKEA furniture

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Use Legheads as replacement Ikea legs. Legheads come out of the box with the 8mm or sometimes called the M8 hanger bolt. This is the bolt at the top of the leg that screws into the couch, sofa or bed. Ikea use the M8 bolt for a LOT of their furniture legs.

Here is a list of Ikea furniture that has been reported by Pretty Pegs as being compatible with the M8 or 8mm hanger bolt and therefore compatible with Legheads.

SOFAS: Karlstad / Klippan / Karlsfors / Klobo / Mysinge / Ektorp / Söderhamn / Solsta / Ljungvik / Sandby / Oleby / Tidafors / Vaxholm / Härnösand / Skogaby / Stockholm (up to 3 seat) / Säter / Ystad / Landskrona / Dagarn / Norsborg

ARMCHAIRS: Mellby / Tullsta / Solsta-Olarp/ Karlstad / Karlsfors / Strandmon / Ekenäs / Muren / Skogaby /Söderhamn / Ystad / Landskrona

FOOTSTOOLS: Karlstad / Karlsfors / Klippan / Strandmon / Stocksund / Skee / Söderhamn / Ystad / Landskrona / Dagarn

STORAGE: The Bestå series

M8 or 8mm hanger bolt, what does this mean and how can I tell?

M8 is the size of the hanger bolt. The hanger bolt is the bolt that comes out of the furniture leg and screws into the furniture. Most Ikea furniture and legs are manufactured with M8 hanger bolts, occasionally they use an M10, but this is rare and generally only on the very large furniture.

legheads ikea legs m8 8mm hanger boltTo understand if your furniture is using an M8 fitting you can do the following:

  1. Check the list above – very rarely do the Ikea manufacturing notes tell you
  2. Measure your existing leg with a ruler. Hold the hanger bolt to a ruler, preferably transparent and measure thread to thread. It should measure right on 8mm if an M8.
  3. If you do not have an existing furniture leg, go to a hardware store and buy two bolts, an M8 and a 5/16″, try screwing them into your couch. Generally one will fit. Don’t force them, if it doesn’t feel like it is going in stop and try the other screw. You can damage the bolts if you screw them in too hard.

US made furniture 5/16″

If the M8, 8mm bolt is not compatible with your furniture and most US made furniture won’t be M8, it will be 5/16″, then you can use a universal converter plate for US made furniture that screws onto the bottom of your furniture.

Ikea Hack with the Universal converter T-plate

Check out this video and some of our Ikea hacks to see how to install and use the universal adaptor plate:

The Ikea Kallax Hack

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4 Replies on IKEA Furniture Leg Compatible

  • Suzanne Slattery says:

    Hi there, do you only sell on Amazon? Because I do not wish to support this merchant but I would love to buy a set from you.

    • TJ says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for reaching out. We can sell them directly, although we are based in, Sydney, Australia and the postage fees would be substantially higher. If you like please email us at [email protected] and we can chat.

      all the best


  • Jody Pfister says:

    Do you carry the M8 mounting plates shown on your site?

    • TJ says:

      Hi Jody,

      You can find the plates by searching “m8 t-plates” or “M8 furniture leg adapter plates” either on Google or Amazon. The only requirement is that the thread is 8mm or “M8” NOT the 5/16″.

      All the best


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