What is an IKEA hack?

What is an IKEA hack?

An Ikea hack is any Ikea that you have modified…

legheads ikea hack furniture legs gitte heroAn Ikea hack as taking the original Ikea piece and modifying it in some way to make it unique or different to the original design. It can be large or small, crazy or subtle. Generally Ikea hacks are made by people who have a serious lkea love combined with a passionate and creative drive. Legheads furniture legs are perfect for IKEA hacks and can really give a unique take on Ikea furniture.

Ikea hacks are showpieces, people love creating them and love showing them off.

The German Wikipedia website defines Ikea Hack as “As (sic) IKEA hack is called the custom remodel of furniture modules, in particular the Swedish furniture chain IKEA (ah..da).

The aim here is to give the furniture masse selling an individual design. This can be achieved by various measures. The spectrum ranges from the simple use of colors or materials, to the nearly complete rebuilding of furniture, by editing the parts (eg., By sawing), home-made furniture components grows, combining or assembling pieces of furniture in unexpected ways or other furniture series recombined.” https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKEA-Hack

An Ikea hack with legheads is a hack that basically ads the legs to a piece of furniture to change is’s purpose and look.


The Kallax is a simple shelving unit. We hacked this into a horizontal seat and sideboard with storage.


Magazine Rack and bathroom storage unit. The IKEA Variera is an all purpose bamboo box, with a handle.


The APTITLIG is an IKEA chopping board. We hacked this into a raised food server, for pizza and cheese and sometimes as a laptop table.


A straight up leg swap on this SÖDERHAMN makes it a whole lot more fun looking

Ikea Hack - Ikea Kallax

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