Two IKEA Hacks to Create Unique Kallax Seats

There are number of ways to customise IKEA Kallax. Creativity is the limit!

We’ve curated two of the best IKEA Hacks for Kallax: No-sew window bench and banquet seat.
You will certainly love the finished products. You just have to customise every piece of material that suits your taste and budget. And voila! You can easily create something unique for your nursery and living room.

Creating a No-Sew Window Bench in 5 Easy Steps

The window  bench can be customized for it to look like a wonderful furniture piece.    This can be a nice furniture not just to sit on, but it provides an ideal space for you to read books, play with your kids, and even rest.

The window bench can also be used as a storage space and a furniture piece at the same time. This means having enough space for you and your family. You can put your kid’s toys or books inside the storage containers so you can de-clutter those stuff.


There are some other reasons why you would want to upgrade the look of your window bench. But the bottom line is it’s a DIY project and you will love coming up with your own design.

Step 1: You need an IKEA Kallax shelving unit. Take note that this unit may come in various colours. Choose the colours that you really like. When putting the shelving unit together, remember that it can easily be done in just a few minutes.

Step 2: You need 3 pairs of IKEA furniture legs. You can choose its length but the ideal length is 4 inches, which is tall enough for the window bench. Keep in mind that it’s the perfect height for kids to climb on the bench. The adults can also sit comfortably. Screw those furniture legs firmly into the IKEA shelf.

Step 3: Get a piece of MDF board and foam. Cut the foam using an electric-run carving knife in order to fit the size of the bench. Then place it on top of the bench. You can use a sharpie for marking purposes. Further, by using a gun staple, staple the fabric to the MDF board as well as the foam. Add a stretched quilt batting to the edges of the board and foam.

Step 4: The fabric should be pulled tightly over to the edge of the board and foam. To ensure that the final product is really tight, just stretch and pull the fabric extremely.

Step 5: Attach the cushioned parts to the bench. Use 3 screws to attach to the MDF board.

WOW!!! You have just created an elegant window bench.

This one is a creation of Mommy Vignettes

Creating a Banquet Seat in 6 Steps

Step 1: Start with 4’x6′ size of plywood. Pad it with 1” size of foam then use batting to cover it.

Step 2: Follow the pattern (horizontal or vertical) when using the fabric. If it is a vertical pattern, for example, cut the fabric pieces and sew them at the selvages.

Step 3 (Optional): If you have kids, mount the board to the wall to prevent your kids from getting harmed.

Step 4: Make a comfortable seat. Upholster by yourself the top side of the seat. You can also opt to place furniture legs on it. But for some people, they don’t do it so that the seat is sturdily attached to the floor.

Step 5: Cut a piece of MDF board and have it covered by a 2-inch foam together with batting.

Step 6 (Optional): Add pillows to provide the seat an extra comfy look. Then choose the colour (i.e. black and/or white) of the fabric that you like

GREAT!!! You have just created a presentable and comfy banquet seat.

This one is featured in mymelodrama.com


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