Top 4 Ideas to Hack Furniture Feet

In a bid to have furniture that will stand out at home, people have learned to hack their home stuff—from sofas to cabinets, chairs to tables and even beds. One of the most popular ways to hack an item is through the Ikea furniture feet. Here are the top four ideas to hack furniture feet:

Get a new set of feet

           Even if your furniture comes with its full set of legs, give it the extra oomph by shopping for a new set of legs. This way, your furniture will look different from any other similar items. Ikea sells feet in a variety of colors. So you can easily make the legs pop. There are also different kinds of feet, and a few ways to attach them: they can be screwed on (dowel screw with wood thread), metal plates (common in Ikeas), threaded insert system and wood cleat systems.

Colour them

           If you want to save on having to buy another set of feet when you know that the current furniture feet are still functional, you don’t have to. You can just colour them. One way to really update the style of a cabinet or table or chairs is to give legs for Ikea furniture a hack through colours. One easy way to do it is to just dip the feet in a preferred paint. For short feet like those of a couch or a bed, you may dip half of the length of the foot in whatever colour your prefer: hot pink for a pop of colour, gold for class, silver for glamour, or the room’s colour theme if there is one. For stools, tables and chairs, keep the coloru dipping at within two to five inches.


Draw on them

           Now this is something really fun, especially to those who are creative and love to draw. You may draw on the feet with paint, making it more than just a piece of furniture but a piece of art. One idea that even those who are not especially adept at drawing can do is creating a vine through the whole stretch of the leg. The vine will snake around the leg with bits of leaf here and there. For the shorter legs, a more heavy-looking design may be in order—say a grass that will cover the entire base of the feet. Here’s an idea for the kids’ bedroom: the children’s favorite cartoon characters trying to climb up the furniture leg.

Think outside the box

           Here’s one crazy idea: use doorknobs as Kallax Ikea legs. That will surely give the cabinet a big oomph. It’s also functional especially if you intend to use it on the bigger shelves. Since doorknobs are bulkier than the common furniture legs, it can carry the weight of the stuff in the Kallax. You may also paint on the doorknobs so these wouldn’t have to look like their former selves.

           Actually, if you go by number four, you will sure to have more ideas to hack furniture feet. Make your home totally your own by showing your personality in every piece of furniture.  


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