The BEST IKEA Hacks to Personalize Your Furniture Sets

           Every piece of Ikea furniture needs a simple hack to give it a bit of personality. Modifying the original piece will also make the item completely your own. Ikea furniture is common among households—especially the starter homes. Ikea is cheap but each piece doesn’t look cheap. It’s basically what every homeowner wants in a piece of furniture—functional and okay to great looking. However, because Ikea is exactly what practical homeowners want, it would seem like everybody else owns the same exact piece that you have.

           This is where hacking comes in handy. One of the most basics of hacks is adding Ikea furniture feet on to the household item like a bed, couch, shelf and other Ikea furniture. Here are some of the best Ikea hacks to personalize furniture sets.



           You want to give the Beast a run for his money when it comes to a library? Well, this Ikea hack should do it. Get some Billy bookshelves and attach them all together. But only you can determine the number of Billy shelves you will need in order to get a wall to wall library. You have to measure one entire wall and divide it with the usual measurement for a Billy bookshelf. Once you get the number, it’s all a matter of patching one shelf to another and attaching them on the wall. For a more sophisticated look, attach randomly. Don’t follow a strict monotone pattern that will show the same horizontal and vertical lines throughout the entire wall. Give it a bit of a zig and a zag. And for some icing on the cake, legs for Ikea furniture might give the library some zing through bright colours.

ikea billy bookshelf hacks
Photo from Better Homes & Gardens


Under-the-bed storage

           One of the most practical pieces of furniture is a bed with some cabinets at the bottom. But since it serves a double purpose, this kind of bed is usually more expensive. Good thing you don’t really have to buy this kind of bed since you can just hack any bed you want that would fit in the budget. With just a few Ikea cabinets that you can cut up to the size that would best fit under the bed, you can have one expensive-looking bed that serves as your night refuge and storage space.

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest


Kitchen Island

           Have you ever heard of an Ikea-made kitchen island? Probably not, because it doesn’t exist. But with the help of two Ikea Lack Series side tables, you can make your own kitchen island. These would be the cheapest kitchen island in the neighborhood for sure. You can even elevate the customization of your kitchen island but painting designs on the fixture.

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest


Bar Cart

           You might want to trade in your laptop table with a bar cart. You don’t have to do so literally, you just need to hack your Ikea furniture. First, you create the laptop table as instructed in the Ikea manual. Drill an acrylic sheet onto the bottom of the table where you will attach the furniture legs for Ikea. Then you put on some wheels so that the mobile bar can be enjoyed anywhere in the house.

Photo from IKEA Hackers
Photo from IKEA Hackers


Kitchen organizer

           The spice rack does a good way of organizing different kinds of spices. But this also works as kitchen drawer organizer so you don’t hurt yourself when you try to pat your way into finding something inside. Just attach the spice rack in any manner deemed appropriate inside the shelf. You can store your knives in the spice rack if you can.

           These are just five hacks. There are more kinds of modifications out there. Furniture hacking is the reason why people are so satisfied with Ikea furniture. 

And wait…if you’re still looking for more, here are other Ikea hacks tips for your home’s interior.

Photo from Homedit
Photo from Homedit


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