Simple IKEA Ektorp Hacks

ektorp series hacks

What you see is what you get—and more. This is the basic description of the sofas under the Ikea Ektorp series. These are as comfortable as they look. One look at them and you know you would want to have them in the house. But wait, there’s more!


The Ektorp series have strong seams. This is not something you can glean just by looking at the sofa but this is something you experience in time. The Ektorp sofa also has seat backs that you can flip so that you can balance the wear and tear. Lastly, the sofa has changeable covers.

Because the sofa under the series have changeable covers, that’s the first hack you can do in order to jazz up your couch. Just like most IKEA furniture, most of the sofas in the Ektorp series are plain so you can have the option of putting your personality on the couch. You can have a personalized couch cover made so that there will be no doubt that the sofa is yours. Beautifying a sofa is not just for the couch itself, it will also help improve the look of the entire living room.

Another way to make your Ektorp sofa truly yours is by changing the Ektorp sofa legs. The sofa legs are usually just brown, and you don’t often see them because the couch cover goes almost down the ground. But you can swap these legs for something higher and more vibrant. The legs can be both functional and decorative. If most of your family members are in the tall side, you can hack your Ektorp sofa by putting on higher legs. This way, your family would be more comfortable with the height of the couch. In the last decade, Ikea and other manufacturers have also found that sofa legs make for great aesthetic addition. You can choose the more colorful legs to brighten up your living room. There are also structured legs to give your sofa a more creative oomph.

Here’s another great idea to make the couch even more functional: sofa arm rest tray. First off, this is really a treat for those who want to enjoy bumming in the morning. You want to have your coffee while watching the television in the living room. But putting your coffee on a table means bending down to get the mug when you want a sip, then getting your back down the sofa back rest. When you have the sofa arm rest tray, you just need to stay in one position as you can rest your mug on the arm rest. In terms of aesthetic, the arm rest can break the monotone of the couch.

The Ektorp sofa series have a loveseat, three-seater, four-seater sectional for corners, three-seater sectional, single and an ottoman. Whatever you have in your house, you can upgrade it so it can be the star of the living room or even the entire house. The Ektorp series is great for hacking, which means you can upgrade your furniture as often as you like. Here are some ideas for IKEA legs hack

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