Ikea Kallax hack – Standing Desk

A master of Ikea Hacks knows their way around DIY and DIY furniture and has a truly organised an inspirational home.

Virtually all Ikea furniture and accessories can be hacked, often into surprising new things. This Ikea Kallax hack into a standing desk is a little more complicated, but a really fun piece. Standing desks are popping up in every office and home office and they are EXPENSIVE and lets be serious. pretty ugly! Try this hack to save money and have a cool functional standup desk from Ikea.

The Ikea Kallax series is all about storage. The square shelving units, with or without doors, with or without casters, or mounted on the wall provide endless combinations and can be easily hacked. These shelves are so versatile and flexible that they can be used separately or stacked one on top of the other, can be used for storage or for display purposes. The Kallax is great for decluttering and organizing, while their clean design will match the décor of most rooms.

If you too love the alertness that standing up while working provides, consider turning an Kallax bookcase into a standing desk. You will need to use various Ikea parts so that you get the right desk height, and make other adjustments, such as using no bottom feet to make the desk shorter, or longer legs to make it taller. The items you’ll need include one Ikea Kallax bookcase, we recommend the extra wide version at 33 7/8″/ 86cm for the standing desk, 2 sets of Capita Brackets, an Ikea table top, one Signum Cable management tray and six or eight Legheads furniture legs.

Mount and screw the Legheads furniture legs under the bookcase. Repeat on top with the angled Capita brackets, then mount the table top. Drill 3 holes in the table top to bolt 3 brackets in the back; consider not using them in the front if you want to make your table top more ergonomic, with the front part somewhat lower than the back one. While this is not one of the cheapest Ikea hacks, it is definitely practical, and all the wires will be hidden from sight beneath the table top, which is always good.

Legheads 6″ furniture legs are perfect as Ikea Kallax legs. Stable strong and aesthetically pleasing.

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