IKEA Hacks: Tutorial on How to Funkify IKEA Stools

Are you tired of the same all monochromatic stools in your living room?

Or perhaps the brown ottoman in the bedroom is no longer in sync with the décor of the entire space.

Or perhaps you just want to funkify your hassock so it will look good in the nursery.

Whichever of these is your problem; it can be simplified as this: You are just bored of that same old stool.

A stool is one of the most basic furniture in the house. It is very unassuming but very important. It’s something that most people or homeowners neglect to notice or prioritize when they plan out their furniture purchases, but it is supposedly the first thing they buy. It has a multitude of uses: you can sit on it, you can step on it in order to reach something high, or you can rest your feet on it while relaxing on the couch. But in a room, a stool is the last thing you notice—this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. That’s why you need to learn about IKEA furniture hacks.

Through this method, there’s a way to make stools a centrepiece in every room. The hacks were created because of the massive popularity of IKEA products. They are pretty, easy to assemble, simple and are priced just right. But of course, since the brand is popular, it is almost guaranteed that someone else you know has the same IKEA furniture as yours. But with this hack, we will teach you how to funkify your IKEA furniture with materials that are very easy to find and with the use of Legheads furniture risers.

Elevating your stool is quite easy and cheap. You don’t have to pay a professional upholsterer since you can do this yourself at home. Just make sure that you have the main material: the Legheads M8 furniture legs. Just with four of these per stool, you can already change the look of the entire room. All it takes is just one pop of color from one stool. You may also overhaul the entire look of the stool by covering the seat with the fabric of your choice.

More importantly, if your stool is old and rickety but it is something you cannot part with because of its sentimental value, then all you have to do is acquire some Legheads that are compatible with IKEA stools. You can preserve your favourite stool and even update the style with a new fabric. You can find something that looks like the original by completely changing the look.

Legheads manufactures IKEA furniture legs or furniture risers that can easily fit any IKEA products and the like. With the use of a hangar bolt, the legs are easily attached. The M8-compatible product comes with an eight-millimetre hangar bolt and a universal adaptor plate. This way, the legs are not just compatible with ottomans but other furniture as well like the bed or shelf. The legs also have built-in furniture feet or furniture pads to protect your floors from scratches.

What tools do you need for this simple and easy IKEA stool hack?

  1.     Old stool (Note: The stool is just so boring that hacking is imperative. But you bought the stool, despite its plainness, because it’s so cheap. Anyway, you know you can liven up its look in less than 10 steps.)
  2.     Legheads “Barcelona” replacement furniture legs
  3.     Plates—these usually come with the replacement legs and are in a universal size
  4.     Bolt: 1/8” or three millimetres and 5/16” or 8mm drill bits
  5.     Fabric with your desired print
  6.     Drill
  7.     Pencil or Sharpie for marking (Note: The advantage of the former is that it can be erased and if you’re not planning on erasing it, at least it’s not too clear from afar. If you use a Sharpie, it will be more visible to the eye and so easier to work on. But it may be harder to hide, though.)
  8.     Ruler or tape measure to make sure the stool will be balanced
  9.     Staple gun to keep cloth in place

Now that you have all the materials in place, you are ready to do some IKEA hacks. Here are some easy steps in order to make your stool look brand new and more vibrant.

IKEA Stool Hack Instructions

How to hack IKEA stools so these will look new and different in order to change the entire theme of the room.

  1.     Use the plates to mark where you want the legs to go. Use the pencil or sharpie for marking and ruler to ensure that the plates are of the same distance from the edge of the stool. (Recommendation: Put the base of the stool on the ground so it will not move. This way, we can prevent accidents from happening. But if you can’t work on the ground because you have to bend too low, you may work on a table. Just make sure the table doesn’t move. Movement may cause imbalance or inaccuracies in the drilling of holes.)use plates to mark where you want the legs to go
  2. Drill pilot holes. Most plates have at least four holes in them. (Recommendation: Drill the hole—or put the plates in place—between one to 1.5 inches from the side of the stool. Then, Make sure you don’t drill the hole through the other end.drill pilot holes
  3. Screw in Platesscrew plates
  4. Cut fabric according to size of the seat of the stool.step4
  5. Attach the fabric to the upholstery with the use of a staple gunsecure with staple
  6. Screw in the legsscrew in legs
  7. Change the colours of the legs to suit your mood or the theme of your room.





So why do you do all these for the humble stool?

A stool is characterized by the lack of a backrest and armrest. It is the most basic and simplest furniture to make. It is believed to have been created as early as the Byzantium period. According to history, it is also one of the earliest furniture created from wood. When you check out antique stores, stools are the most common furniture sold there. And there are a number of ways to use a stool. Here are some of them:

  1.     The most basic function of a stool is of course as a seat. It comes in different sizes. If you go to a bar, the stools are high. You use the footrest in order to keep your legs from flailing. In the homes, the stools are shorter, which means you can plant your feet on the floor. Some have cushions to make you comfortable, while a lot of bases are just plain wood.
  2.     A stool may also be used as a footrest. This type of stool is shorter. You park it near your couch so that while you relax into your couch, you place your feet on the stool for a more relaxing pose.
  3.     It functions also as booster. When you can’t reach something from high up the cupboard or whatever, the stool is your mighty ally.
  4.     It is used for bedside lamp. Yes, in some cases, the stool becomes a table. Sometimes it is just the right height and quaintness to become a table, especially in small homes.

Now that we have a better understanding of this furniture and we already know the steps in funkifying it, it’s time to understand the importance of fabric, color and design. For sure, the Legheads set of IKEA furniture legs will already jazz up the look of the stool. The furniture products of Legheads are available in the following colours:

  1.   Freesia Yellow
  2.   Bright White
  3.   Cayenne Red
  4.   Hemlock Green
  5.   Placid Blue

You can actually get all colours so you can change the legs of your furniture according to how you feel. You can get all five colours, mix and match them to give the entire room a pop of colour. Colour is actually very important when it comes to livening up a room. A lot of homeowners prefer keeping the entire house neutral because it makes it easier to decorate. But a lot of beige, white, grey of brown is sometimes boring. This is where a pop of stool comes in handy.

The choice of colour and pattern is entirely up to you. It is basically a matter of preference. There is no wrong choice here. It doesn’t even have to be plain. In fact, a patterned fabric is ideal because it will make the pop of colour even more refreshing. But here are some ideas on what the predominant colours of a stool entail, according to interior design experts:


This choice is always a classic. A black stool can fit any interior design because it doesn’t clash with anything. It is also practical because black is the most resistant to stains. This is also the most popular choice when it comes to getting a stool or any furniture. But this is not an appropriate choice if the purpose of the furniture hack is to elevate the look of the stool.


This gives a more contemporary look. Any family of white—cream, ivory or bright—will brighten up the room. But in terms of practicality, this is the opposite of black. It is easily stained, and such is very difficult to remove.


This colour is a popular choice for those on the fence with black or white. Brown is the perfect in-between colour. It is neutral and it can go classic or contemporary. Just like black, it can fit most interior themes. It is also a bit resistant to change, especially if you get the darker shade.


This allows a futuristic feel. While grey is another black-and-white in-between colour, its cousin, the silver, is sure to light up the room. Both are easy to fit themes and even give monochromatic room a ray of sunshine. Depending on your personality, grey is more popular to those who want a formal-looking stool while silver appeals to the light-hearted and youthful. Either way, grey and silver are great at giving a monochromatic room an accent. This way, the accent will just help break the monotony of the room in a dramatic way. It doesn’t, in any way, take away from the theme of the room.


This is a very popular colour among those who want to draw attention to the stool. This way, even if the stool is not in the centre of the room, it becomes the room’s centrepiece anyway. The red surely provides an impact and is perfect to those who are image-conscious. This colour is available in a variety of shades, but whichever you choose, the impact is ever-present.


This is more than just a feminine colour. Calling it a female colour is a thing of the past. Pink is now a colour that exudes glamor in a room. And when matched with white, it perfectly exudes innocence. However, when married with violet or black, it becomes the colour of eroticism. Pink is very versatile and it will make the entire room bright.


This colour of course indicates nature. Green is widely associated with trees and plants and that’s what it does in a room. So if you want your room to have an earthy feel even if the entire theme is not centered on nature, then give the stool the green elevation.


Despite the difference, both colours have the same impact: they give the room a vibrant feel. Yellow and orange are very happy colours and when you see them, you can’t help but be happy too.

What else?


This is the other factor to consider when trying revamping a stool. The print will be based on your taste, of course. But if you’re part of a family, you have to consider the print that matches all personalities. It is important that you solicit information from other members of the family so that the stool will become a perfect representation of your unit.


We hope that this tutorial has helped you customise or update your IKEA stool. You can also purchase the replacement furniture legs of Legheads to help funkify your IKEA stools. Contact us today at +61 404 870 937 or through our Contact Page.


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