IKEA Hacks – Kallax Storage Units

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IKEA Hacks – IKEA Kallax Storage Units

The Kallax is a multi-functional shelving and storage unit. In this Ikea Kallax Hack we change it to create a seat and sideboard with storage.

The Legheads Barcelona M8 furniture legs, turn the Kallax into a fresh and vibrant sideboard that can be used to sit on or as storage. Perfect for the kids room or the lounge area.

In this Ikea hack we show you how easy it is to convert an Ikea Kallax series shelf into a functional sideboard or raised cabinet with Legheads replacement furniture legs.

Simple installation and fresh colors make this a pretty great hack. Instantly transform your Kallax into a funky piece of furniture and get some great storage at the same time. Legheads “Barcelona” sofa and couch leg is 6 inches high and can hold up to 440lbs per leg, so it is super strong.

Legheads make replacement furniture legs and furniture risers to fit any piece of furniture than can take a hangar bolt. They are IKEA compatible with the M8, 8 mm hangar bolt out of the box but also include a universal adaptor plate (as seen in this video) so you can add to any furniture, Ikea or not. They also have built in furniture pads or furniture feet to protect your floors.

What tools you need for this Kallax Ikea hack:

Replacement IKEA Furniture Legs, Sofa Legs, Couch Legs, Bed risers

  • Kallax series shelving unit – single set (Size 16 1/2×57 7/8 “) $US59.95
  • Legheads “Barcelona” replacement furniture legs with universal plates – $US29.95 for a set of 4
  • Drill + 1/8″ or 3mm and 5/16″or 8 mm drill bits
  • Ruler + Tape measure
  • Pencil + Masking tape
  • Screw driver

Love to hear from you. Please leave a comment!!

You can purchase the Kallax online from IKEA USA for $59.99.

Detailed Hack instructions below.

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Watch the Ikea Kallax Hack video

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Ikea Kallax Hack Instructions

How to hack the Ikea Kallax storage units into a bench with Legheads Barcelona M8

Step 1

Place constructed Ikea Kallax on its side, with the shelves facing out.

Step 2

Place the universal plates flat on the side that will face the floor, in the position where you want legs to go. We would recommend placing the legs on a flat surface and measuring in at least 1 to 1.5 inches in from the side.

Tip #1: Always place on flat surface

Tip #2: Place away from edge to make it stronger. 

Step 3

Put legs in middle for extra support. Mark drill holes, including hanger (middle) hole.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes. 5/64 or 2mm for outside 5/16 or 8mm for inside. Be really careful here not to drill through the other side. If you do, just cover it with a small sticker, no-one will ever see it.

Tip #4: Place tape on your drill bit to show you where to stop drilling, you don’t want to drill through to the shelf

Step 5

Screw plates on. Legheads comes with long screws, they can be used in this hack with no fear of pushing through the other side.

Step 6

Screw in Legheads Barcelona M8 – You can buy them here 

Step 7

Change colours & accessorize to suit your mood

The best way to understand this Ikea hack is to watch the video.

ENJOY and please leave a comment, we would love to hear your feedback.

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2 Replies on IKEA Hacks – Kallax Storage Units

  • Katrina MILLER says:

    Hello. What would the total height of the Kallax shelf be after the legs are attached? And could this work as a Banquette for my kitchen table? Used almost daily? thanks

    • TJ says:

      Hi Katrina,

      Thanks for asking a great question. This is a favorite with ikea hackers for Kallax

      The single Kallax when on its side is 42 cm or 16.5 inches high. Legheads are 15.25 cm or 6 inches high.

      In total in that is 57.25 cm or 22.5 inches

      If you add our Ikea legs to the double Kallax (on its side), which we have done in our home, in total it is 92.25 cm or 36 inches in total height. We recommend securing the double or any other Kallax hack that is higher than the single to the wall for safety.

      You do need to use a t-plate or a furniture leg attachment plate. Our furniture leg attachment plate is completely flat and extra heavy duty. It is 3 mm or 0.12 inches, solid polished stainless steel.

      All the best


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