IKEA hack Gitte cushion into kids cushion stools with furniture legs

Turn your $5 IKEA Gitte Cushion into a stylish kids stool or footstool with Legheads furniture legs.

Watch the 60 second video:

Ikea Hack Tutorial

It’s really simple to do and you can change the furniture legs or cushion covers at any time to suit your mood, season or style.

The cushion covers from IKEA are awesome. They are bright and durable, not to mention CHEAP! This IKEA hack cost around $50 in total. What you will need

IKEA Cushion cover $5 – http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/30308079/
IKEA Cushion inner $5 – http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/40262194/
Legheads Furniture Legs – $29- $39

IKEA hacks are so much fun and this hack is not only simple but it really is an awesome stool also. Our little boy loves it. The 15cm furniture legs make it the perfect height for a 15 month old to walk right up and plonk on down. He sits there drinking his milk and pondering life. Very funny.

The concept of the cushion stool came to us when we saw something similar in a magazine; it was talking about low seating and how fun it can be. We love sitting close to the ground and this is perfect for in front of the TV, around a coffee table or even on a top step.

We had a BBQ a few weeks ago and the cushion stools went down a treat, people loved using them and made lots of great comments.

What you will need

The finished stool

Here is how to make the IKEA Gitte cushion stool with Legheads furniture legs:

  • Have a piece of wood cut so that it fits inside the cushion cover. We used a 50cm IKEA Gitte Cushion cover, so had the wood cut into a 40cm square. If you don’t have power tools you can get this done at your local hardware store. Ours only cost about $1 per cut. Sometimes hardware stores also have off cuts of wood, which you can buy cheaply as well. Make sure to buy a strong plywood or something which would stand up to having someone sit on it.

legheads ikea furniture legs hack gitte

  • Use the attachment plates to mark where you want the legs to go.

legheads ikea furniture legs hack gitte

  • Drill pilot holes. Make sure to use drill bits which are slightly smaller than the screws and hangar bolt.

legheads ikea furniture legs hack gitte

  • Screw in the attachment plates. If the screws go through the wood, don’t panic! You can easily cover them up with some cardboard and gaffer tape.

legheads ikea furniture legs hack gitte







  • Insert the wood and cushion into the cushion cover. If the cushion cover has a different pattern on each side, put the cushion on the side you want to be facing up. Make sure the attachment plates are facing down.
  • Pierce holes into the cushion cover and screw in the Legheads furniture legs. We used sewing scissors for this but any sharp implement would do. It’s quite easy to find the holes by feeling around, no need for tape measures.

  • Change leg colours or cushion covers to suit your mood.

legheads ikea hack furniture legs gitte hero

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