IKEA Furniture Hacks – Variera

The IKEA Variera is an all purpose bamboo box, with a handle. With Furniture legs we turn this into a Magazine Rack or bathroom storage unit.


In this IKEA furniture hack we transform the IKEA Variera into a classic Magazine rack. When adding the Legheads Barcelona M8 IKEA furniture legs to the Ikea Variera, it transforms into the perfect magazine rack or bathroom storage unit. This is one of the easiest Ikea furniture hacks EVER!

Magazine racks are almost from another era so it is time to bring them back. I love this hack it is so simple, very cheap and looks classy. Aside from a magazine rack, it can be used as a TP holder in the bathroom, and a retail display rack for food and knick knacks.

This hack is so easy we can recommend it for kids (with adult supervision). The only power tool you use is the drill. You do not need to screw the attachment plate on to the base as it uses the furniture leg hanger bolt to secure itself.

This IKEA hack took about 15 minutes to do.

Instructions – How to IKEA Hack – Variera Series

Step 1 – Buy the IKEA Variera bamboo box with handle – You can buy online at IKEA for $20.99 (US) here.

Step 2 – Buy a set of Legheads replacement furniture legs – They are $29.95 (US).

Step 3 – Unwrap your IKEA Variera, and using the furniture leg attachment plates, mark out where you want to legs to go using the center holes

Step 4 – Insetring the furniture legs into the holes from the bottom of the box, screw on the adaptor plates from inside the box

Step 5 – Screw on the Variera handle

Step 6 – Change the legheads colors to suit your decor and fill up with magazines See more IKEA hacks and the full video at www.legheads.com

How to IKEA Hack Video – Variera Series with Legheads Furniture legs (with instructions)

How to IKEA Hack video - Variera Series with Legheads Furniture legs (with instructions)

IKEA Variera Hack Image Gallery

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