How to Improve IKEA Kallax Legs

The Kallax shelf is one of the biggest lifesavers at home – especially when there are kids involved. Parents know that when there are infants and toddlers at home, it will look like a twister passed by the house every day. Toys will be everywhere, crumbs will be all over the place and sometimes there are stains on the couch or on the wall. Kids will turn the most organized homes into a disaster.

But a Kallax shelf will make the biggest difference in the world. The shelf comes in different sizes. Even the smallest Kallax shelf can take on dozens, even hundreds of items. It will definitely make a lot of difference as far as organization is concerned. It is one of the best inventions of IKEA because of its functionality. However, a Kallax shelf is usually always pretty basic.

A Kallax shelf is simple and plain. For those with creative minds, this is actually the best kind of furniture. A simple and basic item is like an empty canvas where you create art. Treat it like a canvas. Change the look of the room by beautifying that simple shelf. You can start by putting some IKEA Kallax legs on the shelf.

As mentioned, this shelf is such a simple piece of furniture – so simple in fact that it doesn’t have legs. The furniture sits on the ground. But a piece of furniture is not really a furniture item without legs. You may disagree but when you see the difference between the shelf with and without legs, you will understand.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to put some legs into your furniture.

Things you will need

  1.     Kallax shelf
  2.     Legheads furniture legs. You can shop for these items here. The great thing is that the feet come with plates, so you don’t need to buy them separately. And of course, if there are plates, there are also screws.
  3.     Electric screwdriver
  4.     Ruler and marker

Here are the steps

  1.     Determine where the best place to attach the legs. Obviously these go under the base but you need to determine the appropriate measurement from the edges.
  2.     Once you’ve figured out the proper place to attach the legs, mark the space. Use the ruler to ensure that each item will be placed at the exact measurement from the edge.
  3.     Screw in the plates with the use of the electric screwdriver.

There you go: four (or five) easy-to-find and cheap materials in three simple steps.

By the way, Legheads furniture risers come in different colours. But the white legs are easier to decorate – if you are into that thing.

If you decide to buy the white legs for Kallax unit, you will have different ways to improve them. You can play off with the theme of the entire room. Say you want a pop of colour in the room; you can paint the legs yellow or orange. But if you have a black-and-white vibe going on, you can paint two legs black and keep the original colour of the other.

You make also draw on it just to make it more intricate. And on that note, you may colour or decorate the entire Kallax shelf but the way you like it so it will make the entire space refreshing. You won’t need a painting to improve the look of the room, just the shelf and your creativity.

The way you organize the things inside the shelf can make a room look beautiful or not. You cannot just shove items in the shelf because the space will just look cluttered. For those with kids, the different colours of the toys will make the Kallax look fun. For those who prefer the Kallax in the kitchen or dining room, careful arrangement of China or porcelain utensils in the shelf will make the area look classy.

For the bedroom, the shelf can be decorated with books and flowers and candles.

For the living room, the Kallax would look good with frames, figurines and even vases with flowers.

By the way, since the shelf has some height, it may be a bit wobbly when you start putting in a lot of things. Not to worry, though, because the Kallax comes with a mounting tool. So just attach the item to the wall so it will stick to it. This way, the item will look like a customized shelf.

Another practical reason for having legs in a piece of furniture is that it will be easier to clean under the shelf. Dust will gather under the base and nary can a broom fit in it if the base is directly sitting on the floor. In the case of beds, the extra height will allow you to store some things under the bed – things that you don’t exactly need every day but don’t want to dispose of anyway.

IKEA sofa legs, on the other hand, give extra height so that your legs won’t be in an uncomfortable position. Sometimes, when the chair or sofa is too low, your legs will be in an awkward position and may even cramps.

IKEA is really one of the best things in a domesticated life. The main thing is function and it is at the heart of its creation. But the company also made sure that majority of the population can afford it, which means it studied the market really well.

And because a lot of people can afford it, you might recognize furniture from a neighbor’s house to be similar to yours. But then again, IKEA really makes it easier for homeowners to set their furniture apart by making every IKEA piece easy to upgrade and improve. All it takes are some paints and a whole lot of creativity. You can also try our IKEA Hacks for Kallax Storage Units


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