Easy IKEA Hacks to Improve your Home’s Interior Design

IKEA furniture items are versatile and practical. They can easily be hacked aside from the fact that they have more storage capabilities compared to other furniture products.

While there are so many IKEA hack tips that help you bring new perspective to your home’s interior design, let’s start with some of the basic ones.

Enhance your Kallax items

In 2014, EXPEDIT has been replaced with KALLAX. The features of this are the same as the former when it comes to internal dimensions. It aims to address the fear of those vinyl collectors out there. For Kallax hack ideas, you can do several things, like adding doors, drawers, and veneers. Pairing it with other IKEA items, like a drop-down table top is also possible. It’s so easy, right?

One example of a Kallax makeover was done by Tanya of Dans Le Lake House who hacked the doors through the use of small stretched canvases. Then, she painted them with her favorite color. She finally have a nicely designed Kallax.

You can check this article for simple Ikea Kallax shelf hacks.

Enhance your Kallax items
Photo from http://www.danslelakehouse.com/

Improve TRONES Hallway Storage

Trones are designed for the storage of shoes and other similar items you have. Redesigning them and adding a touch of colours can beautify its entire look. You can simply enhance their settings by adding more items. You can attach Trones tightly on the wall or floor, or you can add furniture legs.

ikea floating cabinets
Photo from Apartment Therapy


Make floating cabinets eye-catching

If you have a floating Credenza for clothing storage, you can enhance its look by adding a side table. This is just a DIY approach to make your home or apartment nice to look at. Credenza cabinets are also fit for the children’s room because of their sleek design. Children can easily open and close the cabinet door without your help.

ikea floating cabinet
Photo from Sugar and Cloth

Turn RAST dresser into a roomy nightstand or wardrobe

RAST dresser can be turned into a roomy nightstand and wardrobe. And for IKEA hacks on kid’s room, you can even use Rast as a nursing room dresser. How amazing! Transforming it into something makes the interior design more practical and useful. The space is maximized fully. With more amenities like new color, gold wood trim, and little wooden ball, the look becomes nicer.

ikea nightstand or wardrobe
Photo from Home Made by Carmona


Turn a display furniture item into a more appealing piece of furniture.

Ikea ledges can be used to display many interior items like decorative plates. This is a funny option for you to have a total makeover for your interior design. Switching your art display into something that is fantastically new to other people’s eyes is a great thing to realize. There’s no need to have a lot of nail holes when doing this hack.

Ikea ledge
Photo from Apartment Therapy


Those 5 easy IKEA hacks can change the look of your home’s interior. If you’re passionate or creative enough to add major touches to your IKEA furniture pieces, then do so to unleash your personality on the design. Most of these hacks are do-it-yourself and don’t need the help of a professional upholsterer or carpenter.

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