Design Ideas for Less: Bedroom Edition

Designing a bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. But you can make it look expensive without breaking the bank. First, you have to consider what you are working on in order to determine how to beautify the room. Is it a couple’s bedroom or a room for a teenage son or daughter? Are you decorating a nursery? Once there is an answer to this, you follow a certain theme. Nurseries are usually based on the gender of the baby—some couples opt for a blue theme for a boy, pink for a girl, or white or green to make it neutral no matter the gender. For a teenager’s room, expect some posters to be the main attraction. For a couple’s room, glamour is the key. Here are some cheap but neat ideas that could improve the interior design of a bedroom.

Repurpose old furniture

repurposed bedroom furniture
Photo from DIYNetwork

Find new uses for old things. An old wine cabinet can be used as a TV repository in the room. And since there are a number of compartments on it, you may also put other stuff in the cabinet: framed photographs, figurines, books, etc. There are also old couches you could re-upholster and use it as a love chair for the bedroom.

If you have an IKEA bed or couch in the bedroom, you can add legs for furniture using the colour of your choice. If you have an old IKEA sofa in the bedroom,  here are some ways to make your old IKEA sofa look new again.

Let your imagination wander with your old furniture and see how you could repurpose them so you don’t have to throw them away.

Floor accent

floor accent bedroom
Photo from HGTV

Having an entire carpet for the bedroom would be hard to clean up. Yes, there’s a vacuum cleaner but it’s not enough to completely get rid of years of accumulated germs. But you can use an oversized rug to provide accent to the floor. The rug should be large enough for the bed to stand on its middle. Choose one that will mesh well with the entire theme. Or you could create the theme around that rug.



Flowers and candles

candles and flowers on bedside table
Photo from modern-bed.com

 You want the bedroom to be fragrant and here are two options that don’t impress the sense of smell but the sight as well: flowers and candles. Flowers easily brighten up the room. They smell nice to boot. And flowers are not that expensive. You can change them at least once a week or until they wilt. While not as bright, the candle can work the same way. They smell so nice and there are so many different candle designs out there that they work great as decorations, too. Just be careful that you don’t burn the house down. Keep candles in glass candle holders.

Paint furniture

paint the headboard
Photo from Homedit.com

You don’t have to buy new furniture to fit into your newly designed bedroom. You can do things on your own. You could brighten up the headboard by painting on it. Stump on what to paint? Check out the pattern of your rug and see if you could replicate it—with a twist of course.

You may add other decors like paintings and figurines and other designs you want to see in the bedroom. But don’t overdo it. Remember, you are the only person who can see your bedroom—it’s not the living room where your family and friends are welcome. Keep the design minimalistic.

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