7 Furniture Hacking Ideas You Can Easily Do

An IKEA furniture is an empty canvas. It is just a blank space waiting to be painted or decorated on. This is the beauty of an IKEA. At first glance, it seems like the most common of furniture. But once you have it at home and you decide to make it your own, it’s anything but common.

Anybody can hack an IKEA. But here are seven ideas that will help you improve the look of your furniture and even your entire home.

Paint or design basic drawers

           One way to upgrade the design of a basic drawer is by attaching some colored Kallax legs on it. This will give the drawer an oomph. But if you have talented hands, you can draw and paint on the drawer itself to make it really unique. Another creative way to improve your drawer is through decoupage.


ikea drawer hacks
Photo from Pinterest

Give sofa a new look

           More often the sofa legs would match the color of the actual sofa. But that’s just boring, right? Why don’t you give your couch a retro look with some unique legs. Just make sure the legs can carry the weight of the sofa with people on it.


 Use a functional television stand

           Most televisions are now hanging on the wall, which is sometimes too high for the viewers’ preference. A Kallax shelf is just the right height to hold a TV set. And if you think it’s too low, you can add a set of legs for Kallax on it. The great thing about using the Kallax is it has several compartments. You can put your DVD player and some DVDs in the Kallax. You may also decorate it with frames and figurines.

Photo from Infarrantly Creative
Photo from Infarrantly Creative


Make your bed your own

Ikea’s MALM Series beds are so simple and plain, making them the perfect canvases for art. If you are a creative person, you will surely enjoy decorating the MALM bed. You can make patterns on the headrest and the footboard. But to truly make it your own, it is best if you bust out your paint brushes and draw on your headboard and footboard—draw something that shows your personality and boasts of your style.

ikea malm bed hack
Photo from Pinterest

Amp up your kitchen handles

Here’s another way to show off your personality in the kitchen. Take out the handles of your cupboards and drawers and change it with designs that truly explain who you are as a person. You don’t even have to stick to one handle design.

Photo from IKEA
Photo from IKEA

 Change cupboard doors

If you’re not satisfied with just changing the cupboard handles, you can actually change the entire door. This is the perfect way to introduce some color into the kitchen.

Photo from IKEA Hackers
Photo from IKEA Hackers


Design your Kallax

Aside from trying to convert a Kallax into a shelf of sophistication, you can also create a one-of-a-kind design in each of the cubbyhole of the shelf, which then merges into a holistic design. There are also Ikea Kallax legs hacks you can try and these are just some simple hacking ideas that you can do on your own. 


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