5 Ways to Make your Old IKEA Sofa Look New

Do you want to customize your IKEA sofa? The good news is there are IKEA hacks you can apply to have a new setup in your living room furniture including your sofa.

You can tweak it instead of just throwing the old furniture set. You can change and customize your sofa design anytime.

Upgrade the legs

You can upgrade your IKEA sofa legs so they will look new. Through proper IKEA hacks, the legs can be changed. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways so that your living room furniture will look new. The good news is that there are leg sets that are suitable to any piece of interior furniture. If you’re able to purchase one, then you can do the replacement and upgrading all by yourself. It’s so easy!

In choosing legs to use for upgrading, there are features you have to look for, such as unique colors (modern, classic or cool), weight, and fit size.

Build a box

Building a box for your furniture set to look like a designer piece is considered as the most drastic customization technique. However, you can have the biggest transformation once you can perfectly do it. You want to create something that is totally unique, aren’t you? You can build a wood box together with legs. The built box can house the sofa cushions. After this process, your interior furniture will look nice again.

Add a nailhead trim.

By simply adding a nailhead trim, your IKEA sofa will have a more refined look. The budget needed for this process is not expensive. This technique is just like giving your furniture a simple and affordable treatment.

Knot the cushions to look like a designer style.

Most people are applying this technique for their furniture to have a magnificent look. Tufting the cushions is important to attain a mid-century style. Most homeowners believe that this way is important but a professional upholsterer can be hired to do the knotting the right way.

There are also video presentations that can be found online if you want to do the process by yourself. DIY tufting can be learned if you want your old furniture set to look new.

Dye the covers to look brand new.

This is the last step on how you’re going to make your IKEA sofas new again. Aside from upgrading your furniture legs for sofas, building a box, adding a nailhead trim, and tufting the cushions, you can put a new color to the removable covers. If you want, you can just buy new covers. Try to understand that instead of buying a new sofa set, you can replace the covers wherein the color will suit your taste. If your budget is tight, then you can do the ‘do-it-yourself’ or DIY dyeing.

The 5 ways presented and explained are just simple. You can apply them for your IKEA sofa to look new. You can learn some DIY techniques so that you can save money instead of hiring and paying a professional upholsterer. The most important thing is to learn the materials you’ll need and use for your living room furniture to appear nice again.


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