3 Tips to Enhance Ikea Kallax Shelf

Every starter house needs an Ikea Kallax shelf. Not only is it cheap, it’s also easy to haul and put to a corner. But because it is all of these things, many people are sure to own this as well. That means your Kallax shelf will not stand out – or maybe it will! With a dash of creativity, you can transform your Kallax into so much more than just a basic shelf.

The cubed-shape shelf is available in a variety of shape, size and color. But in order to make it truly your own, you have to put your own spin to it. So breathe in some creativity and consider these 3 tips to to start Ikea Kallax hacks with Legheads Ikea legs.

Turn it into a bar

Ikea kallax turned into a bar
Photo from Pinterest

You probably have never seen alcohol stacked into a Kallax shelf. But try it. The alcohol bottles in different shapes: wine, vodka, tequila, rum, among others will give off a glamorous aura to the shelf. You can even add some height into it with Kallax shelf legs. In one cube, you can put in the ice bucket – choose a color that would fit into a theme. In another cube or cubes from the shelf, you can also place the different glasses for the alcohol: white wine glasses, champagne flutes and whisky glasses, among others, to give the look a polished and varied look.

 Night stand

ikea kallax turned to a nightstand
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The four-cube shelf is the perfect night stand. It is just the right size to fit beside the bed. A great lamp, which preferably is in the color that counters the plainness of the shelf, will elevate the Ikea cubby hole. You can put books in a cube or two. The books also provide pops of color to the furniture.

Another source of color is candles, which also emit fragrance. A picture frame is another ornament great for the shelf top. If the shelf is too short to meet the top of the bed, Ikea Kallax legs will do the job.

 Media stand

ikea kallax to media stand
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Every house should have a stack of magazines, some books and a lot of photo albums. Social media has taken away the importance of having photo albums. But every house should still compile photos of every family member to commemorate life. A cubby hole can be the perfect place to keep these materials that could help entertain guests when they are visiting. You can just add some flowers on top to beautify it. If you’re into snow globes, then those would make great decorations too. And these are also things that guests would love to look at.

There are so many other ways to invigorate the Ikea kallax shelf. And there are also hundreds of ways to make a shelf truly your own baby via Kallax hacks. You can paint on them, draw on them and add some bling into them. And just deciding what to put on the shelves is already a form of hack. You can actually put whatever you want into a Kallax shelf. Enhancing it depends on how you arrange things in the shelf.

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