3 IKEA Kallax Hacks for Pets

Pet owners will be happy to know that Ikea furniture can be easily hacked to accommodate the needs of their furry or feathered friends; here are a couple of ideas made with Ikea’s Kallax shelving

1. Hamster cage

Build a hamster or guinea pig habitat that gives the little guy plenty of space to move about. Take one 5×5 Ikea Kallax – either leave it as it is, or shorten it to 3 rows of 5 columns to which you can add 8 Legheads replacement furniture legs.

You can use both plexi glass and real glass for the cage area, and seal all the gaps with aquarium silicone; this way, nothing, not even pee or bedding, will go through between the cage and the non-cage areas. Make one side of the cage deeper so that the hamster can dig in 40cm or so of bedding. Use the other side for securing heavy stones and wood; pay a lot of attention to this step, because you don’t want the hamster to get squashed by these items.

Don’t forget to drill enough air holes on both sides and at the top of the cage, and, to light up the place, consider using a set of white Dioder strip lights. You can also install some red lights for those times when you want to watch your pet without disturbing him.

You will also need other things, such as food bowls and hamster houses to place inside the cage, and food storage bins for the rest of the space. The best part is, you will have the bottom rows to use for yourself, e.g., storing office stuff or displaying photos, drawings, etc.


2. Private litter box

There are hacks for cats, too, that can serve both as storage (as in the hamster example above) and as a hidden-away litter box. Take a Kallax bookshelf of 2 rows of 4 columns. Replace the 2 short boards in the middle with a long one; you will have to drill 4 holes in the side walls to make room for it, then cut a passage either on the left or on the right on the bottom row so that the cat can enter the middle cube from either left or right.

Place the litter box inside the bottom middle shelf, and add a door that provides kitty with some privacy; simply get a wood board and paint it the same as the 2×4 Kallax. Put a little mat in the entryway so that kitty will come out of the private chamber with clean, litter-free feet. For convenience, place a litter shovel on the outer side of the Kallax; use some DRÄLLA cutting board for the shovel storage and secure it in place with 2 long screws.


3. Cat tree

One of the easiest Ikea hacks is a cat spot hidden in your Kallax bookshelf. You’ll need a wall-facing 5×5 Kallax, a jigsaw and sanding paper.

The cat tree should be somewhere in the top row, so figure out the number and position of columns that you want to leave empty for the cat to use on her path “upstairs”. Then, disassemble your Kallax, take out your jigsaw and cut holes first in the horizontal shelves, then in the vertical shelves. Next, sandpaper all the holes to smooth them out, and re-assemble your Kallax.


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