How to use Legheads replacement furniture legs as bed risers

Looking for more storage? Use Legheads replacement furniture legs as bed risers and get a full 6 Inches of extra storage space.

Check out our latest tutorial to show you how to create storage under your bed, raise the height of your bed and brighten up your bedroom!

Legheads can be used as bed risers and they really liven things up. They’re easy to install too. The hardest part is choosing a color!

Here’s a shot of our bedroom beforehand…

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And here it is after, with Legheads used as Bed risers!

As you can see, they look great and check out all the extra storage space! Legheads are 6” or 15.24cm high, so you get extra storage space without altering the height of the bed too dramatically.

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It really doesn’t take long to do…

1) Choose your color and your Hanger bolt size. Choose your thread sizes for the hanger bolt (the bolt coming out of the leg). Legheads have two different thread sizes: the M8 or 8mm metric  OR the 5/16″ hanger bolt.

M8, which is a metric size and compatible with lots of IKEA furniture. 5/16″ is the Imperial thread size and more prevalent i the US. If you are not sure, you can use an adapter plate. See more in the tutorial below about adapter plates.

Cayenne Red M8


Placid Blue M8


Hemlock Green M8


Freesia Yellow M8


Bright White M8


5/16”, which is compatible with US made furniture, available in the US only. 5/16” adaptor plates are also available in US although are purchased separately.

Bright White 5/16”


Light Wood Grain 5/16”


Dark Wood Grain 5/16”


Jet Black 5/16”


2) Lift up the mattress and prop it up against the wall. The bed is too heavy to lift in one piece. You need at least two people because of the weight of the bed.


3) Lift up the bed base and place on its side so that you can get access to all the legs. Again, two people are needed here.


4) Screw off existing legs.


*TIP: if you come across broken plastic plates, make sure to remove them before screwing in the new legs.

Legheads-Replacement-Furniture-Legs-bed-plate-fix    Legheads-Replacement-Furniture-Legs-bed-plate-fix2    Legheads-Replacement-Furniture-Legs-bed-plate-fix3

5) Screw in new legs. Yes, it’s that easy! *


* If you find that the legs aren’t screwing in, don’t panic! It just means that the thread size of the legs is different to the bed. It’s an easy fix, just use the Legheads adaptor plate and you’ll be on your way. M8 adaptors are available as a separate purchase in the rest of the world. 5/16” adaptor plates are available in the US only.


Using the Legheads Adaptor plate

1) Trace the plate where you want the new leg to go. Make sure to leave a bit of room from where the original thread is as they’re often reinforced with metal.


2) If your bed has a backing material, make sure to cut it out so that the screws will go in easily.

legheads-furniture-leg-cut-out1    legheads-furniture-leg-cut-out2

It may help to staple the backing material down again afterwards.


3) Mark out the points for the pilot holes.


4) Drill the pilot holes and the Hangar bolt hole. Use a drill bit approximately half the diameter of the screw to drill the outside pilot holes. This will make it easier to screw the plate on. The hanger bolt, or middle hole, needs to accommodate the bolt of the leg, you can use an 8mm or 5/16” drill bit.


The outer holes are smaller to fit in with the supplied screws.


5) Screw in the outside screws. Make sure to have the bevelled edge on the outside so that the screws are sunken when they go in.




6) Screw in the new legs!


Industrial strength furniture leg attachment plates that look great.


And you are done…

TIP: When placing the bed back down, make sure to use two people again and to lift the bed base, so that no unnecessary pressure is placed on the outer legs. These legs are strong, each one can take a load of 440lbs or 200kgs, but unnecessary pressure on the outer legs may weaken the threads.

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