Freshen Up Your Bedroom in 5 Easy Ways

There is something therapeutic when you change the layout or the look of your house. The only thing permanent in this world is change. And we should be able to take advantage of the need for change.

Liven up your house by redecorating or just moving furniture around. You don’t need to purchase expensive things to improve your house. You also don’t have to change the entire house right away.

One of the things you can do is to freshen up the bedroom. You can move on to other things then. You don’t need to get a new bed or a new ottoman, just a new set of IKEA furniture legs.

Here are 5 easy ways to freshen up your bedroom:

Thematic pillows

This is the cheapest way to change the look of your bedroom. Pillows,or pillow cases, are cheap and these are something you buy anyway. Choosing materials and prints that can liven up the bedroom will be quite easy. You can buy pillow cases that fit a theme just anytime when you have extra money. This way, whenever you feel like it and whatever your mood is, you can fit the prints of your pillows according to that mood. Or if there is an occasion, you can also use prints that will match the celebration. And if you don’t want to buy new pillow cases, there are other ways: do-it-yourself pillows and hand-painted pillow cases.

themed pillows for the bedroom

 Jazzing up the headboard

Bored of looking at that plain white or black headboard? Then jazz it up! You can paint on it or use adhesive reclaimed wood. This is a wood-looking pattern that you just stick on the headboard to make it look like real wood. But there are other patterns depending on the theme you are working on. There are do-it-yourself IKEA curtains that you can use to cover the headboard.

head board

Revamping the bed theme

Now that you’ve changed up the head of the bed, it’s time to match the legs. There are bed risers IKEA with different colors that can match the changes of the headboard. It’s all up to you how you want to improve the look of your bedroom. There are furniture pieces can replace the current legs of your bed. The legs are available in vibrant colors, such as cayenne red, placid blue, hemlock green, freesia yellow, bright white, light wood grain, dark wood grain and jet black.


bed theme

Decorate bedside table

If you already have existing bedside tables, you may paint on them to make them look more vibrant. Either that or you may just cover the tables with cloth that can fit into the whole bedroom theme. But if you still don’t have bedside tables, buy something neutral. Anyway, you can freshen it up with covers or paints or the stuff you put on it like books, lamps, etc.

bedside table

Hack the furniture

There are so many ways to improve bedroom furniture. From beds to tables to repositories, there are so many ways to customize these items through Ikea hacks for bed. A single piece of furniture can look a number of different ways through customization.

You can check out the internet and learn myriad ways on how to improve the look of the furniture so in turn the entire bedroom will look newly decorated.

Photo from ikeahackers.net

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